Kidz 4 a Cure has big goals to help as many people infected or affected with HIV/AIDS, and the families living with poverty in our community and around the world.  With your help we can attain these goals and spread love and cheer to those who need it most.

We are in need of donations of time, money, school supplies, food and clothing year-round to distribute through our many projects.  Currently we have a serious need for donated storage space in the south Broward area to store donations.

In addition to participating in the Florida AIDS Walk every year, K4C took over the responsibility for a Christmas Project which members of our group had been involved with for 22 years.  The project started in 1993 with gifts being donated to 8 sick and needy children and in 2015 we were able to provide gifts of toys and clothing to 187 kids!

This year we hope to add helping an AIDS clinic and a school for poor children in Ghana, Africa to our project list.  We are actively seeking methods to transport much needed supplies over there to reach these most impoverished people dealing with the extreme difficulties.