Shortly before Christmas in 1993, a wonderful friend of Lorrie told her about a project she was trying to get started providing Christmas gifts for needy children.  Lorrie was delighted when she was given the opportunity to get involved.

We decided to make our project different, so we set some guidelines that the project continues to use to this day.  Each child is asked what they would like to receive.  Of course limits have to be placed, but we try very hard to get what they really want.  Our belief is that every child deserves to have their wishes fulfilled.  When parents are struggling to put food on the table, this is impossible for them to do on their own.  Parents often express how grateful they are that we are able to do this for their children.

In addition to the gifts, we also provide an outfit of clothing for each child on the list.  This is an added bonus to the families which we feel is also very important.

When we have collected all of the items on our ever growing list, our terrific team of elves wrap and sort everything (this year nearly 600 gifts!) After everything is sorted into family boxes, we have a big delivery day.  Every family receives a personal delivery with a large bunch of excited volunteers greeting, hugging and photographing the precious children.  Nothing beats the feeling of seeing their excited faces, and hearing the parents express how much they appreciate our efforts!